Founders Message

It is matter of immense pleasure that Modern Teachers Training run under the guidance of Modern Sikshan Sasthan is going to publish its yearly magazine on the on the occasion of fifth Session. This will help the future students to know about activities of this institute and will get the guidance as well.
After our independence our Country was made glorious achievement in education through five year plan, Despite the challenges of geographical diversities and distant located villages, education has taken deep roots in all sphere of life in firm school education , college education, technical education etc.
Recently Rajasthan has been Awarded UNESCO CONFUCIUS 2006 for unique and continuous effort for education betterment. First of all Modern Teachers Training College was initiated in the Churu. This lies in desert area by Modern Sikshan Sansthan.
This is a positive step towards women empowerment; I can strongly declare it that this institute has not only established same unique goals in its previous years but also working hard for forthcoming session. Under the guidance of this institute principal Mohd.Gulam Rashool . I can assure that this would be an extraordinary training institute not only in Churu but also in our state

Chairman's Message

This has been trually identified, students as the future's nation builder. They have bear great responsibility that's why they need to be farsighted so that they can shape the nation by their intellect.
In all religious fails the way to educate someone is considered prime duty. Education is not only on going up books theoretical principal but also it is improvement in behavior of practical life and this depends up on what sort of education we impart to children, Teachers are ideal for their students, he acknowledges social ethics and works as a chain between society and students by setting high ideal qualities in himself he expects and imagines his students to be successful. I am glad to share with you that students of this institute are learning human values through vivid yearly literary, cultural and class room activities.
I am sure these trained lady teachers will bring out some changes at their work place, serve whole heartily, effectively and surely will help the nation in its development. My blessing is always with you, I wish for your great success.

Principal Message

Student life is a foundation of laterlife. If this foundation is strong, the place on it will be beautiful and permanent. It means that on basis of qualities, a person gets position everywhere. Education is the treasury in which qualities are established. By education the qualities are created developed and applied, so that a student can be helpful in fulfilling the requirement of family, society and nation. He will be an active citizen in nation making . our success depends upon our devotion, we want to establish such an educated society where education will enlighten and make progress .
In developing of it,roll of a teacher is very important. Because a better teacher can be a foundation stone in uplifting standard at present, there is a requirement of improvement in teaching and training, so the trainee can work effectively for society and become useful for the progress of nation.
This college is a representative institute in imparting quality education. Social behavior and practical ideology , Service devotion,. Labor with honesty are considered prior in this institute. Students who get selfmadeness aim of their life. Theoretical principles are educated with ideal and practical ideology in here.
I am very happy by this publication the new comer B.Ed. /B.S.T.C trainees, because it will be a motivating guideline for them. It is showing structural body of Institute, Lifestyle of students and facts. I am very thankful to the operator and the director of the Institute Mr Mahender Singh Sekhawat for his motivating leadership and hope to get high position in the sector of education and add new step in it.
I wish happy and prosperous life of new coming students.

Dharma Ram Sharan